New York Botanical Garden: Chihuly

The arresting artwork of Chihuly around the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx.


A hui hou ❤


#4: The End

Version 2IMG_8058 2

She trots across the room

with baby blue jeans and pink shoes

with bulbous brown eyes she looks up at you

with glossy lips from spoonfuls of squash

you feed her, I see it now, her lusc-

-ious kisses stain you with blush

a never ending warmth

like the first sip of tea or broth

or the first sunrise to welcome the new month

and with every sunrise, the sun sets

day after day it rests

to remind me it’s

the end

her trots

my thoughts

her gloss-

-y lips that can’t talk

her pudgy legs that won’t walk

all for reasons I cannot

comprehend or begin to explain

the anger, the rage, the frustration, the pain

it boils, it emulsifies, it defiles, it reverberates

throughout the empty, dark corners of me.

We never met you but we love you, our sweet honey bee.

Lulumahu Falls, HI

9:00 AM and I’m half asleep in the back seat of my friend’s car. We mentally prepare for a hike and a half because in order to get to the trail to the falls, we have to maneuver through a forest of bamboo trees, bushes of California grass that could play for the NBA, and 20 feet up the steepest hill ever.

After 20 minutes, the three of us make it to the top of the steep hill, which felt like hiking up a wall, hyperventilating and this is what you see…


The views you work for on this hike are more memorable and rewarding than a sip of water in Death Valley in July.

You’ll be able to see groups of people walking to and from the starting point of the actual hike to Lulumahu Falls along the pathway. One thing I like about hiking new trails is the “follow-the-leader-formation” people make as if we were ants. It was my first time trekking this trail and I can appreciate knowing where my destination is based on trail pheromones.


We hike through brooks and boulders passing by fellow hikers sweating and complaining to each other until we saw…


The water is fresh and ice cold and a few minutes into our admiration, my friend says, “I wonder where all this water is coming from.” And I think I peed a little from laughing at her. But she’s great.

We swim for a bit and head back down a hike and a half. It was only lunchtime when we got back to the car so we bought some snacks and headed for Lanikai Beach…


Hawaii will forever be where my heart is.

E lei ke aloha no na kau a kau ❤

(Aloha today, tomorrow, always)

A hui hou ❤