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How Travel Helped Me Stop Hating My Body — TRAVELLING THE WORLD SOLO

I have never been thin. Even on the day I was born I was pulled out of my mum with forceps because I was just too big to push out without help. When I was a little older, around four years old, one day my mum walked me from kindergarten to school so that we could pick […]

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Roving through Redwoods


Driving up and down and around the windy roads is an adventure in itself.  They lead you to the Golden State’s Muir Woods National Monument on Mount Tamalpais near the Pacific coast.  The crisp, fresh air shocks your nerves while the vibrant colors of red, green, and blue soothe them.  You’re surrounded by the towering redwoods who’ve watched people come and go in and out of their territory in awe for hundreds of years.  They are an extensive family posted and scattered across all 554 acres of rich, moist soil, dampened by the marine layer fog.  As you look forward you see their sturdy and long legs, but when you look up…


…you can see their slender, crooked arms spider across the sky and sway with the wind while they shower thick, short needles of green on your forehead.  The tallest in the Muir Woods family is 258 feet and the eldest is 1,200 years old.  Imagine if we could live that long or grow that tall.  How many things we could do, how many people we could meet, how many things we could learn about ourselves or about the world around us.  Imagine if we were posted in one spot like these redwoods for hundreds of years watching others admire our magnanimity, our substantial nobility, our grandeur.  Although they can not speak or move, I believe they send us individual messages so they can move through us.  The amount of work these majestic beasts have put into themselves to become the beautiful creatures they are is effortless, they just be and that is all it takes for them to speak.


I felt as if this particular group of redwoods were looking specifically at me, watching my every move in their domain, guarding what is theirs, owning the space around me and the ground I stepped on.  They were alert and vigilant, yet I felt as if they were observing me, looking through me, seeing what I am as people have done to them.  I can only imagine what they think about me.

“It looks very short.  Maybe a little over 5 feet?  It has long, dark leaves or vines from it’s top and not very slender.”

Visitors can enjoy the tallest trees on earth while they hike and bike on the designated trails throughout Muir Woods.  Lodging, camping, picnicking, and pets are not allowed in the monument; however in the neighboring Mount Tamalpais State Park, camping facilities are accessible.  The Visitor’s Center, gift shop, and cafe are available for hungry guests to see the history and learn more information about the Muir Woods National Monument.

Empire State of Mind


Oh the infamous lively and restive New York. Every time I walked down the streets of Manhattan, I smelled the urine, the garbage, the sewage and heat from the subway tunnels. I heard the cars, the horns, the yelling and hustlers trying to make a living. At first, I was overwhelmed by the busy, clamorous city, but after my fourth time visiting, I got to know NY for the beautiful city she is.

One night, my family and I were walking down a street in lower Manhattan and it was surprisingly quiet. For once, I could think without a sound breaking a train of thought. All I could see were garbage bags on top of garbage bags lined on the curb for the garbage pick-up the next day. I couldn’t help but think “this is why it smells so bad! What do people put in there?!” And then it kind of hit me that this is what makes New York, New York. The smells, the sounds, the sights, the people. And then I started to think that New York, like any other place or person, has it’s own personality. She has flaws yet she’s beautiful because of them. Yeah she’s lined with trash bags and smells like it but everyone carries their own garbage they have to deal with, even if everyone can see it.

As individuals we only see parts of people they choose to show us. And if we may think we know everything about a person, we may not fully understand all of who they are. This was my perspective of NY at first. I only saw a part of her from afar from one perspective, trying to understand her and why she smelled like rubbish and why she sounded chaotic. Even now, no matter how much analysis, interpretation, discussion I’ve had attempting to answer those questions, I still don’t fully understand and there won’t be a time that I do. And that’s just how it is sometimes.


I paid fifty cents to look through the tower viewer to have a better view. Again, it was from one place looking at only the southern part of Manhattan. This made me think that if you have a better view or more in-depth perspective on a place or person, you may see those hidden gems that make these questions subside. Like the Lady of Liberty herself.

Photo taken by my mom on the Empire State Building in Manhattan, NY
Photo taken with my iPhone 5C through the tower viewer lens

I learned a lot on this trip even though it was for a short time. The more I blog about my adventures, I’m more motivated to go on more and write about them. All these ideas bloom in my head for my future posts and now that I’ve started school again, I’m excited to share them in my classes. I’ll see you guys next time:)

A Hui Hou ❤

Put Aside Your Regime {An Invitation to Autumn Mantras that won’t deplete}

Better than morning coffee☕️

Greer Oharah

The Monday sun is scootching its way a little higher in the sky and I am urging myself a little further into the day. The daily tasks and weekly work are making patterns in the rhythm of our world and we are doing our best to follow their trail. Fall is no longer a whispered rumor. It has made itself known and our only choice is to familiarize ourself with its personality.

I want to sleep until the sunlight hits our eyes. I want to drink my coffee slow and leisurely, kept warm under the soft white comforter. I want the tempo to be turned down a few notches and I want the night to wait a few more hours. But Autumn won’t seem to cooperate. Dark early mornings. Quick movement between here and there. Unfinished chores and weeks stretching out long. Everyone seems to be marching to the driving drumbeat of…

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A Walk in Central Park


my thoughts on a bench

I’m sitting here in Central Park and I’ve seen so many movies where celebrities have walked in the pathway right in front of me. It’s a long and wide walkway lined with street lamps and benches for people to sit, eat, think, the list goes on…but each bench has it’s own metal plate attached in the middle. Mine has a dedication:

“And here’s a hand, my trusty fiere,

And gie’s a hand o’thine;

And we’ll tak a right guid-willie

waught for auld lang syne”

For Ian Smith

At first I was going to sit on the bench to the right of me, which has a blank plate on it. No dedication, no quote, no poem. Just a symbolic blank slate waiting for an identity. I saw it as a new beginning, a reset button, room for creativity, freedom, art, the unknown-intimidating, yet alluring. It raises all these questions: What can I do? What will I do? Do I do this now? Or later? Where will it be? How can I be different? As I write all these questions down, the sun reveals itself for the first time today. Only for a second and he went back into hiding behind his somber friends.

Central Park really is the place to escape the city. A place to just be. I don’t smell the distress or prosperity of the city. I can just feel the balance. An artist sits next to me with what looks like a sketch pad, a pencil, and a tool that’s used for smearing? or it could just be an eraser…

Well look at that, two forms of art two benches apart.


I didn’t plan my route around the park, I just wanted it to be spontaneous:) and look at that, a bike-riding gentleman chillin right in the middle of Central Park’s Naumburg Bandshell.


I kept walking straight for another ten minutes watching the musician play his saxophone, many sketch artists creating works of art for people, a family walking their two little girls, and I could smell the hot dog stands emitting that seductive scent until I reached the…




On the right of the lake (in the photo) is the Loeb Boathouse where you can enjoy lunch and some drinks with some friends!


I apologize for the very bad quality of this photo haha but I saw this not-so-little guy on the edge of the steps chillin waiting for more pieces of bread 🍞


A hui hou<3