Travelwithbri22 is a blog I’ve created in hopes to become a traveling writer someday. Here, I will upload posts of places I visit and share my thoughts, reviews, photos, or whatever comes to mind that I want to share with you. Sometimes I will share a review of a book/story I read because technically, I am traveling to a different place. Unfortunately, I can only take my travels primarily around the Bay Area unless I take a rare trip to a different state or country. Everyone has to start somewhere right? I’m just a 22-year-old who dreams of traveling the world one day and writing about it for everyone to read and experience it with me. As someone who loves to read and write, it’s disappointing to say that this is my very first blog and I can’t believe I didn’t create this blog earlier! I hope this blog will not only help me pursue my dreams but also give people a chance to travel miles and miles without moving an inch from where they read my blog.

A Hui Hou

IMG_0019 (1)
On a boat in Paris, France. September 2014.

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