The Arrival:

IMG_873918 hours later and I finally arrive to Japan! But let’s rewind real quick…

If I can remember correctly, it was a 7-hour flight to Guam and I had an 8-hour layover where I re-entered a world without wifi and kids played with sticks. I continued to live in a wifi-free world (yes, I said that correctly, wifi-free, not free wifi) for 3 months. The final stretch was a 3-hour flight to Narita and my new home was just a 45-min train ride away.

If my natural asianic mathematic abilities haven’t failed me, I spent almost 19 hours traveling, which any recent broke college grad (or anyone, really) can understand, was my cheapest route.

The Survival:


The first or second month after such a drastic change is always the hardest. I’m sure many of you can empathize. But I had brought with me only $450 in cash to last me a month and a half before I got paid. To say “it was tough” is a sickening understatement. Starving was the only option for a couple nights but I’m not here to complain.

Starving was one of the reasons why and how I met who I consider one of my closest friends here in Japan. She treated me to what some of you may know as Yakitori or an izakaya. Basically cheap beer and appetizers. I met some of her friends and their friends’ friends and it all went uphill from there.

My Domicile:

IMG_8817After living here for five months now, maybe some of you would like to hear my verdict…

I love it here! I already knew the food was phenomenal but when I actually tried it here in the flesh, it honestly exceeded my expectations. I’ll definitely post about the food in detail later. And the people are so civil, polite, and well behaved…something I am not used to back in the states…

From what I’ve been told, Tokyo is equivalent to the east coast where everyone is kind of impersonal and on the go, while Osaka is like the west coast where they’re more laid back and friendly. I have yet to experience the difference myself.

If you were wondering, I’m living in a very small one person apartment in Tokyo near Ikebukuro and I love it! It’s super cute and cozy and relatively cheap 🙂

A hui hou ❤


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