Put Aside Your Regime {An Invitation to Autumn Mantras that won’t deplete}

Better than morning coffee☕️

Greer Oharah

The Monday sun is scootching its way a little higher in the sky and I am urging myself a little further into the day. The daily tasks and weekly work are making patterns in the rhythm of our world and we are doing our best to follow their trail. Fall is no longer a whispered rumor. It has made itself known and our only choice is to familiarize ourself with its personality.

I want to sleep until the sunlight hits our eyes. I want to drink my coffee slow and leisurely, kept warm under the soft white comforter. I want the tempo to be turned down a few notches and I want the night to wait a few more hours. But Autumn won’t seem to cooperate. Dark early mornings. Quick movement between here and there. Unfinished chores and weeks stretching out long. Everyone seems to be marching to the driving drumbeat of…

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